Becoming a FREE Network volunteer is an opportunity to use your talents and skills in the fight against human trafficking and in support of the restoration of survivors. We know that freedom starts with each and every one of us, and The FREE Network is committed to finding your special skill or talent and matching it to the needs of our community in order to make a lasting impact.  

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The FREE Network is a 501c3 non-profit focused on confronting and combating all forms of human trafficking while empowering victims to survive and thrive in their communities. Under current laws human trafficking includes forced labor, domestic servitude, commercial sex operations, child sex trafficking, and trafficking of human organs.

The FREE Network supports organizations in their provision of a comprehensive continuum
of anti-human trafficking services in support of prevention, education, and rehabilitation
to a wide range of victims, at risk individuals and the community as a whole.

The end goal of The FREE Network is to utilize community partnerships, public engagement and legislative support to eliminate human trafficking in Western Florida and beyond.


Serving as a resource to rescue and empower victims to thrive, and driving prevention though community education and awareness, The FREE Network engages in the following primary actions on a daily basis.

Legislative ACTION

Advocating for and sponsoring anti-human trafficking legislation as well as promoting strict enforcement of all trafficking legislation is an essential piece of The FREE Network. Strengthening our legal system to implement consequences for violators and perpetrators while keeping victims and survivors safe, empowers our community and continues to set the foundation for a slavery-free future.

Victim Services

Victims are at the core of why The FREE Network exists. Our volunteers and specialized Network partners are committed to safely rescuing victims from and providing them a safe environment to transition into a productive society. This includes support from partner organizations that offer immediate victim services such as shelters and safe-houses, assistance in developing a plan of action and providing personal care items necessary for the transition from victim to survivor.

Survivor / Thriver Empowerment

Rehabilitation is a critical step for a survivor to successfully integrate into society. Survivors and thrivers are an integral part of our organization and have a strong voice in how our organization carries out its mission.

They are embedded in all facets of The FREE Network from the volunteer level to serving as board members and leaders of partner organizations. The FREE Network is truly a victim/survivor-focused organization and provides an understanding and compassion to our victims that many people cannot comprehend.

Love and hope are our cornerstones for guidance, strength and support.

Community Awareness

Through community awareness, The FREE Network empowers its members and citizens through knowledge. Educating our community is crucial in knowing and understanding the signs of human trafficking and how to report it. Harnessing the power of the media and our Network partnerships, we engage the community by hosting events, training sessions and implementing other awareness tactics regularly.

Resource Development

Keenly focused on leveraging resources at all levels whether human or financial, The FREE Network establishes relationships within the community to properly allocate resources throughout its member base. We are also dedicated to harnessing the wide range of talents that volunteers offer.


Prevention is essential in protecting our community from becoming future targets and victims of slavery. The FREE Network is committed to providing ongoing education opportunities for both youth and adults. We believe in empowering people of all ages to become voices against modern day slavery.Community Action Groups

These grassroots-based geographic teams are direct representations of what The FREE Network stands for: our mission and our core strategic objectives. With action groups currently located throughout Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties, The FREE Network works to ensure all groups are informed of current and upcoming activities and information. In addition,
The FREE Network assists in the expansion of these groups across all of Western Florida.