Tampa Bay Comes Together to Address Human Trafficking!

May 2, 2019

The Greater Tampa Bay Anti-Human Trafficking Working Group held its quarterly meeting last month and celebrated its one year anniversary! Twenty-eight organizations and over 50 people, including survivors, law enforcement, service providers and members of federal, state and local government, came together seeking solutions to end human trafficking and support victims and survivors. The working group created the legislative committee, a committee dedicated to advocating for the passing of legislation that will prevent and deter human trafficking as well as protect the victims and survivors of this crime.

Hillsborough Commissioners Sandy Murman and Kimberly Overman attended the working group showing our local government’s continued support. The FREE Network is proud of the work our community is doing to address human trafficking. We know that together we can all make a difference and freedom starts with each one of us.

Our symbol, the anchor, represents the hope that the members in our network collectively bring in addressing the horrors of this crime. We are grateful for the commitment and engagement from our community and look forward to some day seeing a world without slavery. www.freenetwork.us